Grinderschool Poker Training provides online poker strategy for small stakes players through over 2500 online poker videos.

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Micro 1 Month
$10.99 / mo
Full 1 Month
$20.99 / mo
Micro Stakes Videos
Over 100 training videos:
   • Cash games up to $0.05/$0.10
   • Tournaments up to $2 buy-in
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Full Access to Videos
Access to all 2,708 training videos
How to Master Poker Series
Full access to How to Master Poker Series
Micro Stakes Forum Access
Access to Micro stakes forums
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Complete Forum Access
Full access to private forums
New Training Videos per Month
The amount of new training videos available per month on average
7 26
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Average monthly cost of the subscription
$10.99 $20.99
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* Grinderschool defines Micro stakes as cash games with blinds of $0.05/$0.10 or less and Tournaments (both SNG and MTT) with a $2 buy-in or less. We have listed several videos above these stakes to give a preview of the full-stakes subscription.
** At any point, Micro stakes subscribers may upgrade their subscription to a full one month subscription by paying an additional $10 or upgrading to a long term full subscription plan.
*** If you are dissatisfied for any reason, contact If we cannot make it right we will issue a prorated refund.
Payment methods accepted include:
Paypal Transfer, Credit Card (processed securely by Paypal; available without Paypal account), and Bitcoin.
Grinderschool has been providing online poker strategy and online poker videos for small stakes players since 2007.
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