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Grinderschool releases two different newsletters: Poker Training, which is releases semi-frequently and Rakeback, which is released monthly. While you will see some mention from both segments in each newsletter, each specific newsletter maintains focus on the main subject matter. The Grinderschool Poker Training newsletter has been informing our loyal subscribers and fans of important news and key updates before any one else. We were among the first newsletters to publish post black-friday 2011 and were among the first to start promoting the popular Lock Poker for USA Players.

With the Grinderschool Newsletters, our goal is to keep you informed of not only what is new at Grinderschool such as special promotions, articles and new instructors, but also what is new regarding US Poker Legislation, deposit bonuses, rakeback and VIP Rewards. Add yourself to Grinderschool Newsletters and be up to date on everything you need to know in the online poker industry.

Grinderschool Rakeback Newsletters

DateIssueNewsletter Title
 August 01, 2012 Vol 1, Iss 8 Poker Stars/FTP Deal, Party Poker News, Carbon Reload 
 July 01, 2012 Vol 1, Iss 7 GS Gift Opportunities, Carbon Poker Reload | iPoker Network Updates 
 June 11, 2012 Vol 1, Iss 6 Revolutaion-ary Changes | Merge Rakeback Highlight June Poker News 
 February 14, 2012 Vol 1, Iss 5 Everleaf Leaves US, New Merge Rooms, Free Coaching 
 January 13, 2012 Vol 1, Iss 4 Minted Poker Rake Cap, Free Gifts at Lock and Leakbuster Pro 
 December 12, 2011 Vol 1, Iss 3 Minted Poker Restrictions, Bodog Anonymous Players, Free iPad 2 
 November 11, 2011 Vol 1, Iss 2 Minted Rake Cap, HUDs Now Allowed on Cake Poker, Rakeback vs Rewards 
October 11, 2011Vol 1, Iss 1Earn a free iPad 2 on Titan Poker; USA Players Rakeback Rooms

Grinderschool Poker Training Newsletters

DateIssueNewsletter Title
February 29, 2012 Vol 1, Iss 21  New Video Search Options, March GTS/GCS on Cake, Poker Blogs and an Article on Downswings 
January 31, 2012 Vol 1, Iss 20  Free Week for Links, Rockin' Podcasts, Free Coaching & HEM 2, and An Article on Hand Charts 
December 29, 2011 Vol 1, Iss 19  Facebook, Free LeakBuster Pro, Hand Selection Article 
November 29, 2011 Vol 1, Iss 18  Best Beginner and Micro Stakes Poker Training Site, Slowhabit Poker Book 
October 26, 2011Vol 1, Iss 17Weekly Poker Podcasts, SNG Article and Lock Poker for USA Players
September 23, 2011Vol 1, Iss 16Receive a free iPad 2 at iPoker Titan, Celeb and Mansion Poker Rooms
August 28, 2011Vol 1, Iss 15Minted Poker is the Best Room for USA Players with 40% Rakeback
July 27, 2011Vol 1, Iss 14Grinderschool Rakeback on Cake Poker, Everleaf, Minted and Yatahay
June 25, 2011Vol 1, Iss 13Poker Bluffs Article, Free Training with Intertops, Cake, Minted
May 24, 2011Vol 1, Iss 12Free Poker Videos with Bonus Code and Rakeback on Lock, Titan, Celeb
April 20, 2011Vol 1, Iss 11USA Players Donate to the Poker Player's Alliance; Free Poker Training
 December 01, 2010 Vol 1, Iss 10Free Poker Training, YouTube Videos, Podcasts and Strategy
August 24, 2010Vol 1, Iss 9MTT Tournament Instructors, Poker Podcasts and Video Library
July 24, 2010Vol 1, Iss 8Free Poker Podcasts, Rakeback, VIP Rewards and New Video Instructors
June 19, 2010Vol 1, Iss 7Celeb Poker Fish, Free Strategy Articles and a New Video Instructor
May 18, 2010Vol 1, Iss 6How To Master NLHE, Free Poker Office and Most Fish at Titan Poker
April 18, 2010Vol 1, Iss 5Most Full Ring NLHE Poker Strategy Videos, How to Master Lectures
March 18, 2010Vol 1, Iss 4Hand History Converter, Poker Video Schedule and New Instructors
February 20, 2010Vol 1, Iss 3Poker Strategy Podcasts, Titan Freerolls and Daily Video Releases
January 16, 2010Vol 1, Iss 2Poker Stove Tutorial, Free Training on Titan, Upcoming Videos
December 21, 2009Vol 1, Iss 1Free Poker Training, Rakeback and Upcoming Grinderschool Videos

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