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Againstime: Grinderschool 9-man and 6-man SNG Turbo Coach

Kyle Marshall, aka "Againstime", began playing poker in college while pursuing a degree in Theoretical Mathematics from the University of Arkansas. In an effort to take some time away from the books on the weekends, he began hosting a weekly garage game with several friends and classmates he had met during college. This $20 no-limit hold'em freezeout home game attracted 8-10 regular players, and was more of a social event than a competitive one, but it provided Kyle with an opportunity to learn the basics of the game. After graduating, Kyle began to explore several career options in both Education and the Sciences, and after some reflection he decided that it would be difficult for him to be satisfied in the employment of another. This realization caused him to begin looking at alternative career paths.

Kyle had always held an interest in competitive gaming, and so it was not a difficult transition to view poker in such a light. He began to apply mathematics and game theory to poker in an attempt to improve his skill from being a breakeven player to a winning one. This interest motivated him to make a deposit onto Pokerstars, which a friend had suggested to him as a trusted site. Kyle continued to research poker theory over the following year while working part- time at the local university as a mathematics tutor. As his ability improved and he became more confident about his game, he decided to research the viability of playing poker professionally. He found a great deal of evidence indicating that in order to play professionally online, it would be necessary to play many tables simultaneously, have a HUD, and use an ICM program to analyze difficult all-in or fold situations. This was a big transition for Kyle, who was not familiar with these programs at the time and was only playing 3-4 tables simultaneously. After purchasing SnG Wizard and Pokertracker 3, Kyle's continued study and effort finally began paying off. He was now playing 15-20 tables simultaneously and had built his bankroll up to the $5000 he felt was necessary to play the $20-$50 SnGs without fear of busting due to variance.

Kyle continued to work as a math tutor part-time while growing his bankroll over the following months. He had already made the decision to relocate to Las Vegas, but resolved to wait until he had a sufficiently large bankroll to safely make the transition. Once he met this benchmark, Kyle quit his job and began playing online poker full-time. And only a few short months later he found himself driving a U-haul to Las Vegas, a city he had neither visited nor knew anyone in. Kyle continued to play online poker professionally on Pokerstars until Black Friday. Upon considering his options, he decided to remain in the United States and transition to live poker in Las Vegas rather than relocate. Now with the launch of online poker in Nevada, Kyle currently plays online at both Ultimate Poker and under the handle "Againstime" and specializes in both Turbo & Non-Turbo Full Handed and 6-Max SnGs. He also enjoys playing live tournaments regularly at the Bellagio, Aria, Caesar’s, and the Venetian.

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