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Betgo: Grinderschool Apprentice MTT Coach

Betgo was a software developer and chess and go player who started playing online poker in the Moneymaker boom. He started by playing low stakes limit holdem, stud, stud8, and omaha 8, and then moved to NLHE SNGs and then MTTs. He started playing full time after cashing for $51K in the $1K Paradise Masters in 2006. He followed that up with 2nd place for $64K in the 2007 $500 WCOOP PLHE event.

Betgo is pretty cautious about game selection and puts up winning stats week after week. He has concentrated more on MTTSNGs recently, compiling a 30% ROI in 12/180s. MTTSNGs suit his strengths in strategy and preflop play.

Betgo is strong in math and strategy and his style is tricky and deceptive. His short stack play is somewhat unconventional. He has taken what he learned from chess and applied it to online poker, including taking a war game approach and playing carefully but fearlessly, thinking ahead, and reevaluating the situation at every decision point.

Betgo is available for private poker coaching. You can contact him by private message or email.

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