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CFTheNatural: Grinderschool Pot Limit Omaha Coach

Charles 'CFTheNatural' began playing poker quite late in life, in 2010 at the age of 53. After being convinced to play a 60 man tournament by a friend even though he had never played Texas Hold'Em and did not even know the rules, he bought a book and read it in its entirety the night before the event. He final tabled that tournament against people who had been playing poker for decades (thus earning the nickname from his wife "The Natural"), and began studying and playing the game in earnest shortly thereafter. He made a small deposit on PokerStars and began playing $5 Six-max SNG's, and worked his way up to $25 buy-ins while never having to deposit again. With a strong background in chess (his next door neighboor was California State Chess Champion) and mathematics, the tactics and strategies of poker seemed to come naturally to Charles but he still spent 2/3 of his time studying and only 1/3 playing. He was soon winning at various types of SNG's as well as DON's and MTT's, but when Black Friday hit and he could no longer play on PokerStars or Full Tilt he switched to micro stakes cash games as they were more plentiful on the US friendly sites. He joined Grinderschool in July 2011 to learn more about successfully playing those games, watching every video he could find and taking some coaching from Carroters.

In March of 2013 Charles became interested in PLO, and for the next 3 months he read several books on Omaha and watched every single PLO video at Grinderschool. He began playing $4 PLO in June 2013, and because he learned so much about the game before actually playing at the tables he never developed any significant bad habits and started with strong solid fundamentals. Within a couple of months he was exclusively grinding PLO and studying the game every chance he had, and in July 2014 he began contributing Omaha videos to Grinderschool. Today he grinds up to 25 PLO on several US friendly sites, and still believes that the best way to beat the micro stakes is with basic solid ABC poker. He also plays live & online tournaments, and has won several small events in Las Vegas & Reno.

Charles lives just outside San Francisco with his wife and dog. He has an MBA and is also a CPA, and took early retirement in 2011 after 30 years working in corporate finance with a Fortune 50 company to focus on the things he really loves to do---travel, skiing, competitive shooting, building things for the new home and of course playing & studying poker!

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