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Carroters: Grinderschool Lead 6-max NLHE Coach

Peter "Carroters" has been coaching players through the microstakes with success for over four years. During this time he has developed an immersive student focused approached which he's able to adjust for the specific needs and level of each new student. To take a package with Carroters is not just to hire a coach for the short term, but to gain access to the type of long term, step by step support needed to succeed in today's games. To hire him is also to join his thriving student community where you can take part in regular sweats, hand history reviews and other activities; as well as taking advantage of high quality varied format one to one coaching sessions and constant mentoring.

His all inclusive package gives you access to the following:

For more information you can visit his website at or send him an email.

6-max NLHE Stats:

6-max NLHE Graph:


"I'm Karl and I've been a student of Pete's for about a year - it's done my game a world of good. There are some mistakes that you just can't find on your own, and having a winning 100nl player analyse your game is invaluable. Hiring a coach transforms your game and forces you to think about what you're doing and why. Pete runs a growing study group with other people who are serious about improving - so you can expect quick and accurate analysis of your hands, in-depth discussion of winning strategies, live sweats, range construction etc. If you're serious about poker, I'd strongly recommend hiring Pete and look forward to seeing you in the group." - By GS member agentreno

"Thanks to Pete, I finally feel confident that in good time and with lots of work I can become a winning player!" - By GS member soapy13

"Having been coached by Pete (the carrot) for the best part of a year, I can honestly recommend him to anyone looking to improve his or her poker. The coaching is personalized to my level and the observations / explanations are top notch. One of Pete's strengths as a coach is that he constantly asks the right questions and will only give the answers after a period of self-reflection. I am not spoon-fed 'ABC' poker. It's also important to note that around Pete is a group of dedicated poker players who are constantly supporting and challenging each others game. In short, it's like being permanently in a classroom with an orange vegetable teacher.' - By GS member Dmurph23

"I want to show my results and give thanks to my coach Peter for turning my game totally around in a few months. I went from a 4.87BB/100 loser over 57,562 hands to a 4.36BB/100 winner over 57,504 hands. That is over 114,000 hands total and a net BB/100 change of 9.23.

Prior to coaching I was losing $2040 and since coaching winning $1660. I was a losing player at 50NL and now I am a decent winning player at 100NL. I realize that 57k of each is a decent but not a huge sample size but I can assure you that it is not that I am running good. I feel so much more clarity and understanding and can tell I'm playing a much more solid game. Peter totally revamped my game starting with my mental leaks and different types of tilt. Vendetta tilt was my worst. We also worked on the technical end of my game closing the gap in my VPIP and PFR as well as increasing my steals from late position. We are currently working on in depth 3Betting strategy and polar vs. linear ranges. On a scale of 1-10 I feel like I am only on level 2 yet of all he's got to teach and already I'm seeing great results. I always look forward to my lessons and keep good notes in-between.

I did a lot of coaching in athletics and business and I know a good teacher when I meet one. Peter has the rare ability to not only be a great player but to convey his methods in a tangible, logical and understandable way. He is simply a great teacher and really cares about getting the point across that he is trying to convey. I, in fact, was so impressed with how well he coached that I flew him to NYC from Scotland for personal coaching. Beyond having a great time overall it was a very +EV decision for me and my win rate was very healthy in both online and live play while he was here. That does not even take into account future earnings from the knowledge I gained and am currently applying to crush 100NL and hopefully 200 and 400 in the future.

Watching videos and reading forums is good but it only got me so far and I was still losing even on an "easy" network. The personal coaching for me was a total game changer. In addition to the obvious benefit of winning money versus losing, there is the added benefit that I have a much more profound love of the game. Although I've played poker all my life since I could walk basically, only in the past few months with Peter's help have I explored the depth and complexity of this wonderful game called Holdem." - By GS member argos

Check out argos's before and after graphs:

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