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Colossos159: Grinderschool 6-max And Full Ring Coach

Steven "Colossos159" de Groeve started playing poker in 2007 and has never had to re-deposit after his first $100. He started playing micro-stakes Limit Hold'em which allowed him to learn a lot about the different aspects of poker without having a negative impact on his bankroll. After a few months, Steven moved to No Limit and found a niche in the 6-max cash games and played 25nl and lower for almost 3 years. Over that time period, he built up a significant bankroll for the levels he was playing at by reading and becoming a Grinderschool subscriber in late 2008.

Steven attributes a lot of his success to the help of former Grinderschool Instructor Sugar Nut who gave him the confidence to move up in stakes and got rid of the fear of losing. Currently, Steven plays 100nl 6-max and takes some shots at the 200nl level. He finished his PhD in Biotechnology and plays poker part-time for income.

2011 NLHE Stats:

NLHE Graph since September 2010:

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