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Gazellig: Grinderschool NLHE MTT Coach

Gareth, aka 'Gazellig', started playing online poker in 2005 after graduating from Leeds College of Music in England. After trying out micro-stakes limit and no-limit holdem, he eventually moved over to SNGs where he was able to grind up a bankroll on various sites. In 2010 he made the decision to focus on MTTs and after shipping a $2 turbo on Pokerstars and an $11 deepstack tournament on Full Tilt he was hooked.

Recently Gareth has been improving his NLHE cash game at both full ring and 6max, although he continues to focus most of his time grinding and coaching the micro-stakes MTTs which have brought him most success.

Away from the virtual felt he enjoys travelling, sky diving, glacier walking and football. He also works full-time as a secondary school Music teacher.

Gazellig is available for Private Coaching.

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