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Ghost: Grinderschool Apprentice SNG Coach

Ben "Ghost" first started playing NL hold 'em tournaments with his buddies when he was attending school at Arkansas Tech University and did quite well. He remembers how he used to overvalue high cards like a/k and a/q, and extremely undervalued pairs. After his poker group broke up, Ben didn't play poker for several years until his best friend began to play online professionally. Just like that he started playing again in August 2009 on Pokerstars.

At first Ben didn't start becoming profitable until he read Colin Moshman's SNG book and bought a heads-up display. By the end of 2010, Ben finished #7 in the $2-$5 SNGs; impressive considering he started multi-tabling in May 2010. Currently Ben plays the $13.50 Knockouts on Poker Stars.

Ghost is available for Private Coaching.

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