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Nitreg: Full Ring and 6-max NLHE Coach

Patrick (aka "callmelucid" on Poker Stars and "nitreg" on other sites) has been playing online poker since Christmas of 2008. He promised his dad that he would never put any money toward gambling and kept his promise by starting out with play money. In 5 weeks, he ground up 1 million play chips, sold it on eBay for $10 on PokerStars, and ground that into $1,000.

And at that point he never looked back. Patrick has been working his way up the limits ever since and has taken shots as high as $400NL full ring. Currently Patrick has taken a renewed interest in poker and can be seen playing mostly 6-max NLHE on PokerStars or the Merge network.

Nitreg is available for Private Coaching.

2011 NLHE Stats:

2011 NLHE Graph:

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