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PocketAir: Grinderschool 6-max NLHE Coach

Dan "PocketAir" started grinding the micros post black Friday. As an avid hockey fan, he found himself catching episodes of NBC's Poker After Dark cash game show after the 2012 playoff games. Wanting to learn more about online play, he went heads down into poker studies for several months before depositing his initial $100 online. Never having to redeposit, he grinded his initial $100 into a 50nl bankroll. Since then he has repeated this feat on Carbon poker. In 2013 he holds a winrate of over 7bb/100 and continues to crush the micros. He can currently be found playing 6-max 50NL on the merge network.

Outside of poker, Dan enjoys his full time profession as a software engineer. The design and building of complex software applications, coupled with his solid understanding of mathematics has helped magnify his attention to detail at the poker tables.

While coaching, his goal is to supply students with the necesary skillset to crush today's games.

PocketAir is available for Private Coaching. You can contact him by private message or Email.

6-max NLHE Stats:

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