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TheDefiniteArticle: Grinderschool 6-max NLHE Coach

Joe 'TheDefiniteArticle' Towse started playing poker in early 2012. Having had the fortune to find strategy forums early on, he took a no-deposit bonus and grinded it up to $1000 from knowing nothing about poker before needing to withdraw and thus finding a backer. Since then, he has only continued to improve and is currently playing a mixture of 25NL and 50NL, mostly at the Pokerstars Zoom tables. In 2014 he holds an overall winrate of 7bb/100 and 8bb/100 at 25NL Zoom, making him one of the biggest winners at the limit. He plays under the screen name 'GInTheorem'.

Far from being a full-time grinder, however, Joe is a full-time student, currently studying for a BA in Jurisprudence (law) at the University of Oxford. Rigorous academic study has enabled him to approach poker in more analytical depth and also has made him capable of explaining tough concepts with clarity and ease. With his coaching, both in videos and in private coaching, he aims to provide a framework on which students will always be able to build, having seen how many previous materials based on a no-longer existent state of the games have become obsolete.

TheDefiniteArticle is available for Private Coaching. You can contact him by private message or Email.

6-max NLHE Stats: (includes recent dip from 10+ buy-in failed shot at $200nl)

$100nl 6-max Zoom NLHE Stats:

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