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We're so confident about our product that we'll show you our competitors. Notice that the 1 year subscription to all of these sites are AT LEAST twice as much as the 1 year subscription to Grinderschool. We're also the only major poker training site that specificly targets small stakes coverage.

Training SiteLibrary  Cash  SNGsMTTsSign-up Fee1 Month  3 Months  YearSmall Stakes Focus
 DeucesCracked >2000AllManyMany$0$29$87$278.40No!
DragTheBar>1000AllSomeMany$0$29.99$67.48 $269.91 No!
BlueFirePoker<1000AllMany Limited $99.99$29.99$89.97$399No!
PokerSaavyPlus<10006-max Limited Many$0$29.99$67.48$269.91No!

Poker Training Review Sites

Read what the independant poker training review sites have to say about Grinderschool:

Review Site  Rating  The Praise
Grinder School is a perfect training site for small stakes players, with a pricing structure suitable for players with smaller bankrolls. We would highly recommend this site for micro stakes players or for players who cannot afford a subscription to one of the more expensive poker training websites.

Poker BankRollBlog9.0/10
I would recommend anyone who wants to learn poker and improve their game to sign up to the GrinderSchool poker school. The sheer amount of poker strategy material available on the site makes the low monthly subscription costs a steal. If you are new to the game, this could easily be one of the best investments you make in your entire poker career.

Micro to low stakes players who are looking to see how regular players in their game deal with scenarios common to those limits can certainly benefit from checking out the free videos and deciding from there. As far as value for the money goes, this site is tough to beat if you?re a low limit or beginning player.

GrinderSchool is a gold nugget at this price range. If you are a micro stakes player looking to grind your way up to higher limits, then this site is perfect for you. The instruction and professional production is unbelievable at such a low price. Definately a +EV investment for an aspiring player. Give them a try, a huge thumbs up for this site!

The best site geared for low and micro-stakes players who like to grind.

Grinder School is an excellent place for the everyday poker grinder to improve their game. You?ll want to be a NL Holdem player primarily to benefit from this poker training site since most of the videos are geared towards NL Holdem. The instructor?s list is continually growing and is filled with some of the top online pros in the game right now.

PokerSoftware 3.8/5
Joining this site if you are a micro-stakes grinder is a no-brainer, while small and medium stakes players should also have plenty to glean from inside Grinder School?s impressive library of videos.

PokerTrainingSiteReviews 7.0/10
We give Grinder School 7 out of 10 stars for a unique solution to a unique problem. With their affordable prices, they have brought poker strategy down to the newer players and have adapted the approach to match.

Grinderschool has been providing online poker strategy and online poker videos for small stakes players since 2007.
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