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Poker Pro Advice That You Should NOT Follow

How many times have you encountered poker players that think of themselves as pros who actually suck at poker? They can be the worst players you can come across. Even worse, they confidently give advice to amateur players and ruin their mentality with from the very start of their poker career.

You can find poker everywhere, on Facebook, poker sites, at Microgaming online casinos, via Apps etc. It doesn't matter where you are playing it, what matters is to have the winning mentality and to follow the right poker pro advices. Therefore, in this article we will list poker pro advice that you should NOT follow.

Being Overly Patient

Even though patience is essentially good advice, because sometimes patience is virtue, patience does not always benefit you in poker according to Jonathan Duhamel. It is true that you need to be patient in order to wait for the right hand, but if you are too patient, especially in a tournament, you will get blinded out and your chances of winning the tournament will be nonexistent. You can be patient when you have plenty of time and chips, but aggressiveness is what wins you the tournament. Duhamel says that you need to be wisely aggressive in order to scare off your opponents here and there. Try to mix patience and aggressiveness at the right times to get the best poker strategy.

Pick A Style and Stick With It

A real poker pro will never give you an advice such as sticking to your style of play. Poker is all about making decisions based on what will win you the most money, and if your style cannot win you the most money at the moment, this advice doesn't make much sense.

Improving at poker is a matter of perpetual motion. Just like life, as years pass you adapt more and try to survive better. So, you can't really stick to just one style, you have to make an eclectic mix. There are times when your logic will tell you that you have to deviate from your style of play and adapt it to the situation.

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The Key to Being a Pro is Playing Loose

Some wannabe poker pro players try to play as loosely as they can because they've seen their poker pro heroes playing loose. What they don't realize when they give this advice to amateur players is that the best poker players play loose because they are great at poker. They are not great because they play loose. They haven't developed their pro skills by playing this loose. Since they have become masters in poker they can afford to play loose as much as they want and still be successful.

Defending Your Blinds

Many poker players constantly say that you should defend your blinds. Your blinds? Once you have put a chip into the middle of the table it's not yours anymore. It belongs to the pot. When you still think that that chip is still yours and someone raises before the flop attempting to steal it, you somehow get the urge to fight back and to not let him run over your blinds, which are not yours anymore.

The first thing to do is to get rid of the notion that the blinds belong to anyone. Amateur players that want to become professionals overlook this. They call a flop and/or turn bet, then try to chase the bad on future streets by throwing away good money. What they see is a lot of their money in the pot and they want to get that money back. An accomplished player will understand that the money is not yours anymore, and this way you will start playing more relaxed and strategically.

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