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Pot Limit Omaha: The Best Poker Game

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Carl "The Dean" Sampson

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I am often asked: What is the best poker game to make money at? This is not an easy question to answer because it rather depends on many factors and too many for this article to address. If you have problems with your discipline then playing No Limit Texas Hold'em may prove to be somewhat of a problem. I have known many players in my time who really struggled with the fact that you could lose 100bb or more on a single hand of play. A better way to address this would be to look at which game currently has the highest number of weak players as a ratio of the total number of players in the game.

Firstly I do not think that this game is either Limit hold'em or SNG Tournaments. Limit hold'em became a theoretically solved game some years ago and the highest levels are almost unbeatable now for anyone and there is very little weak money anymore. In fact even the middle limit levels now have become very tough to beat because they are populated by the very best players in the world. So you need to play very low now at Limit to find soft games and I have seen some $2-$4 and $3-$6 Limit games recently that were as tough as the $20-$40 games that I used to play in back in 2003-2004.

Likewise with SNG Tournaments, the influx of good strategies has meant that most people can play a very good solid game now and have a good appreciation of ICM Theory. Tournament poker with very large fields has too much variance attached to them and 6-max NLHE games are not for everyone as they too have much higher variance. In my mind then this leaves two options: No Limit Hold'em Full Ring and Pot Limit Omaha (PLO). I switched to playing PLO seriously this year and did very well.

NLHE Full ring is very nut orientated but yet it is very easy to find players who still do not respect position enough and chase non-nut hands far too often when it is clear that they are beaten. So for me, the choice is between PLO full ring and NLHE full ring. However average players in NLHE full ring are better than their PLO counterpart on a level by level basis and so for me then the best game to make money at online is Pot Limit Omaha Full Ring.

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