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Exploiting Microstakes NLHE Regs

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Petulie is an associate and long-standing member of Grinderschool. She is also a long-time student of Grinderschool Instructor, Carroters.

I think the biggest leak of the average 10NL reg is that they are too damn ABC Tight-Aggressive. They are so so straight forward and don't think all too much - they have their formula for 'winning' and they like sticking to it. It's very value heavy, so I tend to avoid getting in big pots with them unless nutted.

There are three types of regs:

The first, which I believe is the minority but still represents a decent part of the 10NL reg population, don't want trouble. They just want to take the fish's money and if there's a reg that's bothering them too much, they'll just up and leave. In this case, lay low and just let them leak their money to you. Get into lots of pots with them when you are in position, let them continuation-bet every flop and hand over the turn to you when they have got air. If you're lucky the fish will keep them topped up and they won't even realise how much they're leaking to you. Small but consistent winnings.

The second type of reg (the majority) is more fun, and you can make more money here if playing well. These guys are still really straight forward, but they will pick up on you trying to mess with them and will try to do something about it. They don't venture outside of the box all too often though and when they do they make horrible mistakes, so it's all about setting up a good dynamic and using it to your advantage. So once you have spotted one of these guys, wait for some good hands then start 3-betting the hands they open from late position rather light and gradually tighten up. If they play fit or fold, you can throw in the odd check/raise as a bluff and mess around a bit with them post flop as well. The more you do this, they more they think you are full of crap, so again, gradually tighten up your range so that when finally they do start playing back at you with top-pair or whatever, you've got the nuts. Works great, and it's fun to make them mad!

The third type of reg, by far the absolute minority, are the guys who actually do think about their game. They'll be 3betting you light, playing back at you post flop and generally making your life hell. Unless there are some awesome fish at the table or you have position on the bastard it is often best to find another table.

If you want to make money off the regs, it's all about reads. Understanding their tendencies and taking advantage of these, and understanding how table dynamics are affecting their state of mind and the effect that has on their tendencies. Master these concepts and I have no doubt you'll crush 10NL and move up in no time!

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