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Grinderschool Poker Coaching

You'll surely advance your poker game by studying training videos, reading books, and interacting in forums.

Through working with you on a one-on-one basis, coaches take an in-depth look at your game and tailor their advice accordingly. They help you plug leaks you never suspected you had and help elevate your game to the next level.

Rates for Grinderschool coaching vary according to stakes covered and availability of the coach and typically range from $40 per hour to $100 per hour. Contact your preferred coach below to secure the best rate and start crushing your current game.

Coaching Tools:

To participate successfully in online poker and poker coaching, Grinderschool recommends the use of several software programs:

Poker Tracker is a database program that allows you to track each hand you play. This program is very important to the success of any online player.

Hold'em Manager is another database program that also allows you to track every hand played. Hold'em Manager's Head's Up Display (HUD) is possibly the best feature differentiating this program and PT3.

Poker Stove is a program that allows you to determine your exact equity versus your opponent's range of hands. This program is free and is a must-have if you want to improve significantly as a player.

Team Viewer allows your poker coach to watch as you play (and vice versa) and reduces noise in student/coach discussions. Best of all, this program is free.

Skype combines with Team Viewer for the ultimate in poker coach discussion with the ability to converse with your coach instantaneously for no cost at all.

Grinderschool Coaches:


Againstime currently offers training for both full-handed and 6-max SnGs of both turbo and non-turbo varieties. Several forms of coaching are available including live session instruction, hand history reviews, and also Q&A sessions. However, Againstime is open to suggestions and is willing to accommodate your specific coaching needs and preferences, whatever they may be.

Againstime also utilizes software such as Teamviewer, Skype, Ventrilo, Pokertracker 3, SnG Powertools, SnG Wizard, and PokerStove to ensure you receive the maximum benefit for your training time. Whether you are a novice player seeking to become a well-rounded, profitable grinder or if you are already a winning player who wishes to become a solid professional, Againstime can certainly facilitate this transition.

With over 20,000 games of experience between Pokerstars and the Merge network, Againstime has proven his ability to beat the $10-$50 full-handed and 6-max SnGs, and he will certainly be able to help you raise your ROI and your confidence at the tables. View Againstime's Biography page to see his up-to-date stats and graphs.

Contact Againstime directly to arrange a private coaching session and don't forget to ask about discounted rates for package deals.


Carroters is a 6-max specialist who has beaten 100NL for just under 4BB/100 over a good sample. He has a good bit of coaching experience and usually takes on multiple students each week. His aim is to immediately plug the main leaks in your game and then go about teaching more concepts to solidify your play and open your eyes to spots where there is more money to be made. Carroters is a great choice for those seeking to gain aggression/confidence and those preparing to move up in stakes.

Currently, Carroters is looking for students working their way through micro/low stakes with ideal candidates playing between 10NL and 100NL. However he will take players grinding 5NL or lower if they feel coaching would greatly accelerate their learning and help them move up more quickly.

Coaching is sold in an all inclusive package where Carroters offers 5 one-hour-long sessions weekly or fortnightly, a free consultation, as well as constant online support and mentoring. For details on Carroters' up-to-date poker stats and graph visit the Carroters Biography page.

Contact Carroters directly to arrange a private coaching session.


Gazellig began his poker career focusing on cash games, then he grew up playing SNGs, and finally, in 2010, he began to dominate in microstakes MTTs. Over the course of more than 1500 tournaments, Gazellig has profited by over $13,000 and maintained an ROI of 179%. He knows the ins and outs of MTT play. Perhaps more importantly, he has spent years working as a professional teacher, which means he can clearly communicate the aspects of the game that his students need to learn. For details on Gazellig's poker stats and graph visit the Gazellig Biography page.

Contact Gazellig directly to arrange a private coaching session.


José (aka "KillsAids") has been playing poker since late 2007 and in early 2008 became a micro-stakes subscriber here at Grinderschool. He started playing at $0.01/$0.02 No Limit Holdem and moved through the ranks and eventually upgraded his membership to a full stakes subscription. As he built his bankroll, José has improved enough to take winning shots at $2/$4 No Limit Holdem Full Ring. Today, you can find him playing between 100nl and 400nl on Poker Stars.

José is very competitive in nature and enjoys learning and improving his skills in poker. He dedicates as much time to learning the game as he does to playing the game and is always interested in learning new insights.

José teaches poker because of the satisfaction it gives him when a student manages to go from losing to break-even to winning and then to ultimately moving up to higher stakes. Coaching gives him new perspectives and new ideas on which he can reflect on to improve his game too.

With lifetime winnings of over $60,000, José can definitely help you make a leap forward in your game whether you play micro or low stakes. He charges $60/hour but is willing to reduce the price if several sessions are paid in advance.

Contact José directly to arrange a private coaching session.

PocketAir specializes in 6-max micro stakes play. He has a combined win rate of over 7bb/100 for 5NL through 50NL games. More impressive is the fact that his win rate and experience come from post black Friday grinding. He turned $100 into a 50NL bankroll multiple times while never having to reload after the initial deposit. During student sessions he sets out to bust leaks while supplying students with the confidence and skillset needed to beat today's micro stake games.

PocketAir is currently taking 5NL through 50NL students. To show his appreciation to the Grinderschool members, he will be offering discounted sessions at $30 per hour to all current subscribers.

Sessions with PocketAir may consist of hand history reviews, leak analysis, sweat sessions and Q&A. He looks forward to sharing his experience and proven strategies to help ensure students are able to improve their game while moving up in stakes.

Contact PocketAir directly to arrange a private coaching session.

Joe 'TheDefiniteArticle' Towse is currently one of the biggest winners at microstakes Zoom games. He is also capable at regular tables and MTTs, though should not be sought out for exclusively MTT coaching.

His coaching is based on the Oxford tutorial system - between sessions, students will be given reading lists to patch leaks independently, and at the beginning of each session will face a discussion on the material in the reading list to stretch them and ensure their understanding of the content is good. Around that, sweat sessions, detailed HH discussion (expect one HH to take around half an hour to cover) and database review is also possible. For details on Joe's poker stats and graph visit his biography page.

Contact Joe directly to arrange a private coaching session.

Grinderschool Poker Coaching Testimonials

"After fumbling my way through getting back into SNGs in late 2011, I decided to look into getting some coaching to enhance my basic fundamentals again. Being a long time on again/off again member at Grinderschool, and with the friendly and approachable feel about the site, I decided to look up their coaches, and organised a session with Kyle ?Againstime.? For me, timezones have always been tough (usually 12-14 hours ahead) and can make meeting up a very tricky proposal. Thankfully for Kyle this did not present a problem and he was happy to work with me on a time that I found suitable. At the beginning, we spent some time with Kyle sweating me, and we chatted about some spots. At no time did he takeover and start making decisions for me, but made sure we went over them after the session.

After the session, Kyle identified a couple spots where it could have been played differently. These were the sort of plays that I gained the most out of, and since applying them, have had immediate successfull results with it. We also spent time working on opening ranges, and again, this opened my eyes that I was playing a little too tight. He helped me construct a range of hands that I might benefit from as my game progresses and improves. We also worked on late game spots, and this was one of the key components to me having more success than I had in the past. It really showed that by having a solid late game, it can make the difference between just making it into the money, bubbling out, or being the big stack with better finish results. Overall, I would highly recommend Againstime on his approach and explanation of all things covered. Nothing was too basic to discuss, and he covered all aspects that he promised to. I look forward to future sessions with him, and together should be able to take my game up another notch. All the best Kyle, and thank you Grinderschool."
- Kolonel, Grinderschool Member

"I would like to take a minute to talk about the coaches at Grinderschool. Being a member for a while now I have used two coaches from Grinderschool: MrPadawan for PLO and Colossos159 for NLHE. Being a micro-stakes player up to 10nl, Colossos159 took me from 1bb/100 to over 10bb/100 (needless to say I am very happy with my results). MrPadawan has helped me greatly in PLO as I actually make money now when I play PLO. Both are excellent coaches in my opinion and I am looking forward to more lessons from both coaches when I move up."
- Amersheep, Grinderschool Member

"As a result of coaching from CodeRedRulez, my eyes were opened to a whole new way to play. You can only learn so much from the forums and the books but having someone look over your shoulder and explain to you how to get maximum value out of hands and how to read players has improved my game in ways I would not have even imagined."
- Andy (aka Pyrat), Grinderschool Member
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